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I Know What You Did Last Autumnal Equinox

External Services:
  • linaliem@livejournal.com
I like to discuss fandom stuff, political stuff, life stuff, and funny internet stuff basically.

Blogs I read:
pharyngularetrospectaclecortexintersectionloomcoturnix seedaugust pollakpandagonxkcdno fact zoneencyclopedia dramaticapandagonwonkette

and more, on any given day.

Fandoms of interest: the daily showthe colbert report•strangers with candy•buffy the vampire slayer•animorphs•harry potter•wicked •supernatural •firefly •political rps (i also have no shame)

music:indie rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, classic rock, elephant 6
linaliem's Profile Page

I write: I'm starting a science blog sometime soon, for serious.

I like: places like thinkgeek.com, threadless.com, and giantmicrobes.com. And anything lolz internet.

Why tds_rps and related communities need to exist:

"Ed's hot, that's for sure, but Colbert has a rippling stiffness; a harsh rigidity that is as off-putting as it is rigorously sexual. He's an onion-skin of a human being stretched over a profound black abyss and that's the buzz I'm always looking for. I can tell them apart because Colbert is always breast-feeding a doll." -Rob Corddry, former Daily Show Correspondent
1984, amy sedaris, anagrams, analyzing netspeak, anthropology, apple, apples in stereo, bio ap, bioethics, biology, bitextuality, blastocysts, bob/larry, boggle, brave new world, buffy the vampire slayer, bush bashing, carl zimmer, chris mooney, coin collecting, collecting, cultural eutrophication, daily show, dave barry, david sedaris, ddt, democrats, devra davis, dilbert, dna, dorkiness, dressy bessy, edwin abbott, elephant 6, environment, environmental science, epidemiology, evolution, evolution of language, exobiology, fandom science, fandoms, flags, flatland, franz ferdinand, galapagos, geeks, genetics, geoffrey nunberg, giant microbes, google, grandaddy, harry and the potters, harry potter, hating pcs, haunted houses, history, ibooks, imacs, internet, internet history, internet language, internets, ipods, john flansburgh, john linnell, jon stewart, joss whedon, joss whedon's sexual prowess, juanes, kevin barnes, l337, l33t speech, laptops, liberals, linguistics, macs, math, mathblaster, matt ridley, media bias, metaquotes, michael shermer, misuse of apostrophe's, mugglenet, name magnets, names, netspeak, neutral milk hotel, npr, of montreal, old computers, old mac games, olivia tremor control, oregon trail, parasite pals, pavement, photography, pressed pennies, r/s, rachel carson, reading, recycling, richard feynman, running, saddam/satan, science, science and politics, science blogs, science history, science journalism, science reporting, science writing, scientific american, seed magazine, shoebox project, silent spring, sloths, sociology, sponge bob/patrick, stem cell research, stephen colbert, steven jay gould, strangers with candy, strongbad, stuffed microbes, swimming, synonyms, teh ghey, the beach boys, the beatles, the kinks, the onion, the smiths, the strokes, they might be giants, thinkgeek.com, tom lehrer, twin studies, twins, veggie tales, web design, word games