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I Know What You Did Last Autumnal Equinox

Hello from the local christian gas station convenience store

Hello from the local christian gas station convenience store

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dust mite
Yep, that's the place to be here in suburban virginia, but don't get me wrong I love it very much. Free Wi-Fi that is faster than the one at Panera (my previous source of internet), and better yet, megavideo loads! This means I can catch up on more tv shows (I just started Torchwood) given that finding a reliable place to download episodes for most shows is pretty much impossible. I forgive the store its corny name(Wi-Not Stop), the cheesy announcements and cheesy christian music playing next to the gas pumps. haha.

As for my internship, I have been doing lots of filming so far, and a little bit of editing. I have come to the conclusion that video editing is 10% creativity, 90% figuring out how to organize and store the obscene amount of data in a manageable way. Especially if you are doing all your work on your laptop, 500 GB external hard drive, and your own software that you managed to obtain through variously legal means. It amuses me that if I did not own my own computer/software/external hard drive, it would be much more difficult for me to do what my internship stipulates, given the crappy computers and significant lack of software at the park. Plus, all computers are PCs and only have earthlink as a browser, which I think gives you an idea.

I have also continued working on building a cheap steadicam, and I will be interested to see how much this will work. I got someone from maintenance to build the basic structure of one, but the only weight he could find was one that was way too heavy and not disk-shaped. So, today I brought my camera and steadicam to Ace Hardware and tested it out using a bolt, washer, and flange(which is disk shaped). Worked soooo much better. The apparatus still pitched a bit, so I waited on purchasing the flange (the instructions suggest a barbell weight) but perhaps the solution here is just to practice using it. However, at least I now can see that achieving good results is possible, whereas with the previous weight the system would just swing a lot and was not an improvement over handholding. Another theory I have about this, which I may write into the author of the $14 steadicam page once I experiment a bit more, is that you need to pay a lot of attention to the weight of the pipes in comparison to the weight of the camera. The camera I am using has flash memory and is not mini-DV, as is typical for newer consumer-grade cameras. So, it is very light and small. Thus the weight of the pipes- and especially the handle- is a bit too much for it. In fact, I'm not even sure the handle should be there as it throws off the otherwise evenly distributed weight of the rest of the system. At least the handle should be smaller than the rest in comparison, or made of a different lighter material.

But, hopefully if I figure this out I can get some really cool shots; when experimenting in the hardware store today I could already see potential.
  • Wi-Not-Stop? That's horrible. I cringe really. I think you pretty much deserve free wifi for being put through that and continuous Christian music.

    That sounds so cool Lindsay; I'm kinda jealous. All I do is sit around and memorize stuff.
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