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November 21st, 2008

How do these people remember to put their socks on before their shoes each morning?

And by "these people" I mean the markers of these ballots that are being disputed in the Norm Coleman/Al Franken race. Some are just weird-someone wrote in "Lizard People" all over the ballot but then also voted for Al Franken. I have to say I am tempted to argue that a copy of these ballots should be posted all over polling stations as what not to do. Cause I think when people mark their ballots they have no clue that if it's a close race, respectable people are spending valuable time arguing over whether a vote for lizard people is a vote for Al Franken.


In other news, I am super excited for Stephen Colbert's christmas special this sunday. It will be awesomesauce! You should watch it too!

October 23rd, 2008

LOl mccain supporters

dust mite
So, can anyone tell me wtf is going on in this picture?

Like, Barack Obama wearing a shower cap pregnant with dwarf Hillary Clinton?

I don't know; it's my best guess.

For context, this picture is linked from a commenter on this post , where a girl from the group Life in the Field (a college Republican group) makes the lulziest and most obviously fake claim about being mugged by a black Obama supporter who carved a backwards B into her face and apparently put black makeup on her eye. For more lulz read her incredibly fake twitter page.

The worst part is the person who put this picture up is in it and actually proud of it. Wow.

ETA: never mind, there are moar pictures and it is in fact even creepier than I thought. Obama is so inexperienced that bizarrely shaped blobs of fat and Hillary Clinton's head will explode from his stomach! Seriously, what it is with Republicans and their bizarre sexual perversions? There are just so many more tasteful and non-repulsive ways to Rule 34 political figures.

ETA 2: LOLOLOL srsly view all the pictures in the photostream it's the best worst thing evar. This photo, for instance, speaks even more to the CRs COMPLETE DELUSION omg. If they'd studied ANY POLITICAL SCIENCE AT ALL they'd know that candidate's leads always go up right after their convention-and then the lead drops down again. Statistics and history, they are IN THE TANK.

October 22nd, 2008


dust mite
After viewing these buttons and about 3000 different bumper stickers on cars (example: Hockey Mama for Obama), I very much want a sticker that says "DEMOGRAPHIC MEMBER FOR OBAMA". Hopefully it will give me ironic hipster cred (but then maybe not, cause the slogan lacks scare quotes).

September 28th, 2008

Caring about the environment, after all, is a girly liberal thing a manly Republican does not concern himself with.

ps check out livingroomcandidate.org, where the video is from-the site catalogs pretty much every tv ad for the presidential candidates since 1952. It's pretty amazing what has changed-no candidate even in 1992 would have ever dreamed of airing an ad like mccain's "celebrity" ad. Most ads focused on, you know, actual issues with a smattering of look how much the smiling candidate cares about babies. Also, the 2008 ads are across the board worse regarding writing, subject, quality- like this one omg wtf:

We got it after the first time you said it! srsly! Yeah, nothing pisses me off more than obvious propaganda and manipulation. Especially when it's bad and doesn't work!

August 29th, 2008

It's official

dust mite
Republicans are now responsible for more affirmative action than Democrats or liberals will ever be. Also, I think I know why Republicans constantly bleat about how affirmative action means putting a drastically unqualified person in a job instead of a qualified person (when most of the time, that's not how it works)-it's cause that's how they do it.

August 15th, 2008

Further Terminus Update

dust mite
So I'm back! I really didn't do a ton more of note at Terminus after I posted. I spent pretty much the entire weekend at wrock shows-friday night, saturday night, and sunday afternoon- and the ones at night went so late I wasn't very good at getting up in the morning afterwards. I also stayed up all night Sunday which kinda killed me for the next day, but was sooo much fun. I got to hang out with the cali wrock people, which was fun. I knew (or knew of, through Ginny) most of them but I hadn't really talked extensively to them. It was kinda funny meeting Brandy and Rachel and being like Hello! So you're the people who stayed at my house that I never met! ( Cause I went to bed at maybe 1, they got here at 4 and woke up after I had to leave in the morning).

And also, the 6 in the morning discussions of squick-worthy pairings and artwork -that is always hilarious fun, it's true. (Actual fanart seen at Terminus-but plz don't let this color your opinion of fandom- old dumbledore naked with another man(I suppose the reanimated corpse of Grindelwald??) and bows in his hair-auggghhhh!!! Did not need to see or think about!! Why can't you people draw Grindeldore when they were young? Those drawings are cute and I actually like that pairing! But I digress. And uh, no offense to the artist who is on LJ somewhere, so I hear).

Other conclusion from Terminus-wrock is like, infinitely better live. I mean, you need to get the CDs so you know the songs ( I think that would have increased my enjoyment of the shows cause I didn't know most of the songs) but listening to the songs after seeing them live ends up being a bit of a disappointment. Cause some of the songs were just amazing live. I love the people too, the community that wizard rock creates. I think too, that it's just amazing to see people freaking out and singing with no accompaniment the same obscure song. Omg, it was THE BEST at the end of the Bon Voyage Ball when the last song had been played, the lights were on, but the wrockers didn't want to stop partying and had to end the party the way all wrock shows (apparently?) end-that is, with the song, "The Weapon We Have is Love". And so everyone was singing it, the tune and lyrics were nearly comprehensible, and it was just wow. AWESOME.

It's also interesting that while I am suffering the typical post-con depression, it's not quite as sad as after Sectus, cause the advantage of an American con is it's not like I'll never see anyone again. In fact most of the really cool people I've met seem to live in California.

The other thing that apparently happened on Wednesday (before I got there) was the wrockers managed to totally piss off the hotel and, I imagine the people at the Gospel singing convention that was happening simultaneously (prediction: they will prob never book a convention at the same time as a harry potter one again) by breaking a chandelier during the song 'Draco and Harry' because they were jumping and dancing so much, and they were on the second floor because the hotel booked them there at the last minute. The Gospel people on the first floor eventually had to leave cause the ceiling and chandeliers were shaking so much. Another interesting thing about wrockers-they don't dance so much as jump. As one girl was telling me at Terminus(paraphrased) "I have to remind myself that most other people don't dance like that."

Monday I toured Chicago with my roommates which was fun even though I was rather exhausted from staying up all night. We went to the navy pier and touristed.We also got deep-dish pizza, which my roommates were dying for and apparently Chicago is famous for. I then came back and proceeded to take a long nap, which unfortunately left me with little time online (the coffee shop with free wifi closed at 9:30). To make a somewhat long story short I then missed my flight the next day because I think my brain was in a sleep-deprived haze that didn't comprehend that yeah, O'Hare is much farther away than Midway (I came in from Midway and left from O'Hare-note to self-bad idea leaving from different airports). And then, the next next possible flight I could be on got delayed from 5:00 to 7:40, so I didn't get in to San Francisco airport until 12:00. When I would have been at San Jose at 4:30. Yes, much drastic brilliance on my part.

santa cruz etcCollapse )

Anyway, I'm now forrealz back home and am attempting to clean my room (=daunting task) and sell books on half.com. Tomorrow, I'm going to participate in the production part of the 48 hour film thing, so that should be fun.

August 9th, 2008


dust mite
It's been loads of fun so far-but waaay different from Sectus. I mean, Terminus is super fun and all, but pretty much nothing will compare to Sectus, and, you know, ENGLAND.

The first A++ thing I want to comment was the venue we went to last night for a wrock show. Tons of bands playing, most I didn't know. I was somewhat tired during it, though I'm very glad I stayed for the Whomping Willows at the end. BUT. It was, like, a spectularly designed venue! First of all, air circulation! Why can't more clubs be like this? It was actually kind of cold, and they had air blowing through the place. It wasn't too crowded or too loud (though that's prob because it's wizard rock). Whoever designed this also had the genius to make the floor before the stage slope slightly downwards so people in the back could see. There were also plenty of places to sit and chill if you wanted to. And, great set list, DJing; I regret that I was a bit too tired to fully enjoy. Anyway, I'm mostly commenting on this after my experience seeing Harry and the Potters at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco a few weeks ago, which was crowded, hot, and not quite as fun an atmosphere as this one.

Another great thing is that a bunch of bands, including more I recognize, are playing tonight. Yay! I just wish it didn't go so late. I missed seeing most of the Wizard Rockumentary this morning cause I accidentally overslept. But it's okay, cause we bought it and we also talked to Megan and Mallory(the directors and producers) afterwards (and got a picture with them, cause hey two sets of twins).

We also went to a few presentations/panel discussions and whatnot, and an R/S meetup. In which Ginny got a great picture of a girl cosplaying Tonks (with the pink hair; the cosplaying possibilities with Tonks legitimize the existence of the character in my mind) next to a sign saying "Remus/Sirius slashers" that some girl had made.

I am currently sitting in a wonderful coffee shop, called Caribou coffee, that is nice and friendly and notStarbucks and has these really wonderful blended fruit teas (which are disgusting at most places that sell thing like that, but not here). I am sad panda that they don't exist at home. Oh, and qualification of statement: the coffee shop and free wireless are great, but not their censoring: apparently afterelton.com is blocked, which is STUPID cause though it's gay-oriented, there is NOTHING approaching porn or non-PGness on it! WTF! And it's not even a generic gay site or anything, it's about queerness in the media, which is a little different. And, and, livejournal and encyclopediadramatica are not blocked, and there's some way worse stuff on there, for sure.

August 4th, 2008

My sectus photos are indeed located here. (Yay picasaweb, an actually good photo place-but no wonder, since it's google.) regasssa, your photos are here as well in their own album conveniently sorted. It should also be noted that I have quite a few more photos, but they were taken on ginny's camera so I don't have immediate access to them now.

I divided my pictures into selected photos and other photos-basically, the selected photos are the good or representative photos that would possibly be interesting to someone who didn't go with me, and the other photos are similar to the selected photos, or kind of bad, but might be interesting to those that hung out with me for the sake of being comprehensive.

I'm also kind of a fan of this photo I took of the london eye (completely randomly and unintentionally, I might add).

July 7th, 2008

Best letter opener evah

dust mite
Behold the nomming bunny!

June 3rd, 2008


dust mite
Check out this post by Orac about the crazy antivaccinationists and vaccine-causes-autism crowd, led by Jenny McCarthy and David Kirby and a few others.
Despite being a non-expert on the topic I still found this picture really hilarious:

(There are a few other pictures from protests that are hilarious as well).
I'm also amused by the mention of hydrochloric acid, which I've spilled on myself quite a few times in chem lab, and is(at least in dilute concentrations) standard for high school chem labs across the U.S. And that's just what I'm familiar with.
And as Orac notes,

Antivaccinationists are also not too concerned with getting the actual niceties of the chemistry right, confusing ethylene glycol (antifreeze, which is not in vaccines) with polyethylene glycol (PEG, which is in some vaccines and is also in a number of skin creams, toothpaste, and medications, including laxatives) or ethyl ether (the flammable anaesthetic) with polyethylene glycol pisooctylphenyl ether (Triton X-100, a kind of soap/detergent). Nor are they concerned with getting the niceties of the biology right, either. They like to mention "aborted fetuses," as though vaccines were somehow made from aborted fetal tissue, when in reality some viruses are grown in cells derived from an aborted fetus nearly 45 years ago. Antivaccinationists know that, but they like to try to feed in to religious objections to abortion by playing this gambit, which is in reality no more than a variant of the "toxin" gambit, although at least they've gotten a bit smarter about it and don't say "tissues" anymore. The whole bit about "monkey cells" is pretty dumb as well. Some viruses are indeed grown in monkey kidney cells, but it's not as though these cells are retained in the vaccine. There's a little step called "purification" that antivaccinationists seem to think that manufacturers forget

But this stuff probably works-all you have to do is convince enough of the credulous that anything with a vaguely incomprehensible name is a toxin that will kill you, you've done your job well.

I like what this commenter said:

I remember reading an old issue (mid-80s) of National Geographic as a kid. A chemical company (Dupont or Dow, I'm not sure...) had an advertisement that showed an orange with an ingredient label. It contained a huge list of scary-sounding chemical names that you would find if you isolated every "natural" compound in the fruit.

The point was that "chemical" was not a bad word, and that big science words did not imply evil-scientist polts to poison children.

I still think of that ad everytime I run across people using fear-mongering to oppose genetic engineering, chemical research, or medical products.

I kinda want to photoshop a scare mongering image about oranges and bring it to one of these rallies and see if anyone got the joke.
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