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I Know What You Did Last Autumnal Equinox

Cool things, and link dump

Cool things, and link dump

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dust mite
iphone art by jorge colombo.
I find this really beautiful and unique for some reason, likely because it evokes what's best about good photography, without actually being a photograph. It's also impressionist yet modern, which is a neat combination.

Links regarding gender studies, which I collect way too many of:
Why Strong Female Characters are bad for women
How a Thorough De-Gazing saved CBS's The Big Bang Theory. Penny went from being "the hot but stupid girl next door" to a full fledged character in later seasons, which makes the show entirely watchable in ways the pilot wasn't. As to whether they've managed to maintain this in a positive direction in recent episodes I'm unsure about (I kind of think the quality of the show has dipped a bit this season, though not unredeemably so). I'm inexplicably addicted to BBT, despite all its problematic aspects, because a.) i'm a geek b.) sheldon is amazing when written at his best and c.) there are some genuinely funny/clever moments. What I hate is that I so often watch an episode and think what a great show this could be if they would go the extra mile that they don't hit most of the time (and if they weren't so sexist/racist etc- that's a rant for another time).
Thirty Lady Flicks by and about real women. I'll attempt to work through these in the near future, though chances are I will be distracted TV shows for the simple reason that they're half as long.
My Little Pony is a Lesbian-Feminist Separatist Colony. I love this person's brain and want whatever crack they are smoking.
Sexaul Ambiguity in the Brave Little Toaster. Same Blog. It's awesome for a reason.
Class and White Masculinity in Supernatural . Somehow, I obsessively watched 4 and a half seasons of this last fall. It's gotten bad now (or I've lost interest). But having spent so much time watching this show it's interesting to think about the sort of fantasies and idea of Americana it is selling. And yeah, some of the unrealistic parts of the show do bother me, but most of the time I agree to suspend disbelief, or yknow, I'd never watch anything.
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