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I Know What You Did Last Autumnal Equinox

Well this is kind of cute

Well this is kind of cute

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dust mite
Meet an incredibly enthusiastic 7 year old feminist. It's pretty impressive- I think she has a better understanding of feminism than 90% of adults- she grasps the concept that things have improved here in the US, but not necessarily in other areas! Someone please get her to tell Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh et al the concept the the world doesn't revolve around the US and english speaking countries. It would do them- and many others- quite a lot of good.

The overall concept of this show is cute and very unique as well, I've not seen anything like it (though granted, I don't exactly watch kids' shows or have young kids in my life who would make me aware of these things). As the linked blog post says, the girls they interview on the show are accessible role models- they're "regular" girls who stand out just a enough to become interesting, and it's refreshing to see this portrayal of girlhood as something other than the messages sent in advertising, or the overly simplistic/ unrelateable portrayal of kids in kids' shows. This show seems to me to represent what tv doesn't do, and what it could be in a less corporate, more democratic environment (i.e. the internet hi).
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